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Where's Johnny: In The Red Zone

Jul 28, 2014 -- 3:00pm

By Jason Gibbs |


9:25am: It’s the first day for pads here in Berea. Johnny is the final QB out of the locker room on this cold and windy Monday. He steps out at 9:25am and away we go.

9:30am: All four QB’s practice the snap exchange with their respective centers. Clearly a point of emphasis after yesterday’s practice.

9:38am: Stretch time

9:49am: Screen pass drill with the entire offense. Johnny’s first pass goes to RB Terrance West.

9:50am: QB/RB Exchanges

9:58am: QB/WR Drill

10:02am: QB/WR/TE Drills

10:11am: QB’s throw to all the skill position players (WR/TE/RB)

10:20am: Contact drills for the rest of the team. The QB’s go to another field and work on footwork and a few other things.

10:29am: Two fields, two separate drills. Johnny starts on one field with Hoyer on the other. On the Manziel field it’s one on one drills with Johnny throwing to WR’s. Numbers – 1/3

o   Play #1 – Johnny gets picked off by CB Buster Skrine

o   Play #2 – Manziel bounces right back with a solid throw to WR Josh Gordon

o   Play #3 – Manziel overshoots WR Taylor Gabriel

After the third pass Manziel and Hoyer flip flop and Manziel works with the big nasty’s up front and running drills.

10:38am: Specials Teams time. The QB’s go over to the other field to work on agility.

10:49am: 11 on 11 Drill number one.

10:51am: Numbers - 1/2 with two running plays

o   Play #1 – Handoff to RB Dion Lewis up the middle.

o   Play #2 – Manziel with an option run to the left side.

o   Play #3 – Never happens as everyone moves but the ball.

o   Play #4 – Johnny connects with WR Josh Gordon on a nice over-the-shoulder grab.

o   Play #5 – Manziel is forced to throw the ball away.

11:00am: Numbers - 0/1 with two running plays

o   Play #1 – Manziel goes option right and takes off.

o    Play #2 – Manziel’s pass to WR Andrew Hawkins is incomplete but one of the referees who’s volunteering to officiate certain drills throws a flag for a hold on DB Justin Gilbert.

o   Play #3 – Botched play in the backfield and Manziel is “sacked.”

11:02am: 7 on 7 Drill

11:06am: Numbers – 3/4

o   Play #1 – Incomplete to WR Miles Austin

o   Play #2 – Completion to WR Andrew Hawkins

o   Play #3 – Completion to WR Andrew Hawkins (quickly becoming a favorite for every QB)

o   Play #4 – Completion to WR Josh Gordon who beats CB Justin Gilbert on a down and in route.

11:11am: Numbers – 0/2

o   Play #1 – Two hops a pass about 10 yards downfield to a potential target. The wind really whipping now and I feel like Johnny is getting just a little taste of what the wind will be like in December.

o   Play #2 – Incompletion to WR Nate Burleson

11:14am: Special Teams drills with the QB’s continuing to work on footwork and agility on the other field.

11:25am: 11 on 11 Drill number two.

11:25am: Numbers – 4/4

o   Play #1 – Completion to WR Josh Gordon who tips the ball to himself to make the grab.

o   Play #2 – Completion to WR Willie Snead who has had a good camp so far.

o   Play #3 – Completion to WR Andrew Hawkins

o   Play #4 – Another completion to WR Andrew Hawkins

11:36am: Numbers – 2/3

o   Play #1 – Johnny drops the snap, re-groups and one hops a pass intended for RB Dion Lewis.

o   Play #2 – Completion to WR Nate Burleson

o   Play #3 – After bobbling the snap, Manziel completes the pass to WR Miles Austin.

11:38am: Full game simulation with yard markers.

11:42am: Numbers – 0/1 with four handoffs

o   Play #1 – 1st Down…Handoff to RB Edwin Baker

o   Play #2 – 2nd Down…Handoff to RB Edwin Baker for a first down.

o   Play #3 – 1st Down…Handoff to RB Dion Lewis

o   Play #4 – 2nd Down…Manziel takes off running

o   Play #5 – 3rd Down…Johnny is intercepted by rookie LB Chris Kirksey.

11:52am: Numbers – 3/4 with three handoffs

o   Play #1 – 1st Down…Manziel scrambles to the left side

o   Play #2 – 2nd Down…Handoff to RB Edwin Baker

o   Play #3 – 1st Down…Completion to WR Taylor Gabriel

o   Play #4 – 1st Down…Handoff to RB Isiah Crowell

o   Play #5 – 2nd Down…Incomplete pass to WR Jonathan Krause

o   Play #6 – 3rd Down…Completion to WR Taylor Gabriel

o   Play #7 – 1st Down…Johnny rolls out to his right side and hits FB Ray Agnew for a BROWNS TOUCHDOWN!!!





Jordan Cameron: No added pressure if Gordon is suspended

Jul 28, 2014 -- 2:47pm

By Mike Goldstein |


BEREA -- The competition between Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel at the quarterback position continues to be exceedingly important and relevant to the Browns' 2014 season. But the pending season-long suspension for receiver Josh Gordon means that football-catcher is right at the top of the list of Browns' offensive worries.

Jordan Cameron turned himself into a viable weapon in 2013, snatching 80 receptions, piling up 917 yards and racking up 7 TDs. Regardless of whether or not Gordon sees the field in 2014, Cameron will be a prime target for either Hoyer or Manziel.

After Monday's Training Camp practice, Cameron addressed Gordon and Cameron's own place in the offense:




LeBron's 23 makes an appearance in Berea

Jul 28, 2014 -- 1:44pm

By Mike Goldstein |


BEREA -- We've already seen a handful of absurd inventive fan jerseys in the first three days of Browns Training Camp 2014 and more are coming. Like this one:

Photo/ESPN Cleveland

That's ESPN Cleveland fan Eddie from Mansfield sporting the authentic, custom LeBron #23 Browns jersey -- a throw-back to LeBron's first run through town with the Cavs. Eddie says that he bought it after seeing this classic commercial years ago:

The LeBron #23 jersey isn't a new idea but, hey, it's nice to see it back on the streets again.




Where's Johnny: It's The Shoes

Jul 27, 2014 -- 3:00pm

By Jason Gibbs |



9:22am: Like clockwork, Johnny steps onto the field at the exact same time he did yesterday. Today though, everyone notices as the rookie QB is sporting neon green, glow-in-the-dark Nike cleats. He’s the third QB to come out of the locker room after Connor Shaw and Tyler Thigpen.

9:30am: Stretch time for the team.

9:48am: QB/RB exchange drills. Johnny’s first hand-off goes to RB Terrance West.

9:50am: BREAKING NEWS!!! Johnny walks to the side of the field and removes his neon green cleats, and puts on a dull silver and orange pair. No reason given as to why.

9:53am: QB/RB dump off passes. Johnny’s first pass of the day goes to lucky number 48, Fullback Ray Agnew.

9:55am: Brian Hoyer throws off the back foot on a dump off pass and the ball falls incomplete. The crowd goes quiet. Johnny is up next and completes his throw to RB Chris Ogbonnaya and the crowd erupts. Johnny has a fan section today and they are very vocal with every completion and hand-off.

9:57am: QB/WR Drills. Manziel’s first pass is to WR Travis Benjamin.

10:14am: QB/WR/TE/RB Drills. Johnny’s first pass goes to WR Andrew Hawkins on a nicely thrown ball that Hawkins drops. The crowd ooo’s.

10:20am: 1 on 1 Drills. Each QB throws to a TE whose going 1 on 1 with a defender. Johnny throws seven times completing four. His leading receivers are Tight Ends Emmanuel Ogbuehi and James Oboh who each snag two passes.

10:21am: 11 on 11 Drills.

-        Hoyer leads off today’s 11 on 11 session with a deep ball (over 40 yards) to WR Anthony Armstrong.

10:22am: Johnny goes under center (Numbers – 0/1 with three handoffs)

-        Play #1 – Handoff to RB Dion Lewis

-        Play #2 – Handoff to RB Isaiah Crowell

-        Play #3 – Manziel goes play action and throws a nice ball over the middle that WR Josh Gordon drops

-        Play #4 – Handoff to RB Chris Ogbonnaya

10:33am: (Numbers no passes thrown)

-        Play #1 – Johnny goes play action again and eludes one defender before being “touched down” by another defender taking the “sack.”

-        Play #2 – Hands the ball off to RB Edwin Baker

10:38am: QB footwork drills while the team works on special teams.

10:51am: 11 on 11 Drills Part 2.

                  10:51am: Manziel is under center (2/2 passing in five plays)

-        Play #1 – Johnny gets sacked on his first play.

-        Play #2 – The guy’s break the huddle get to the line and realize that half of the offense thought it was a different play. They get back in the huddle and re-organize.

-        Play #3 – Manziel goes play action to the right throwing a duck that somehow TE Jim Dray comes up with.

-        Play #4 – Johnny makes up for the last throw with a solid toss to WR Charles Johnson along the sideline.

                       -        Play #5 – Hand off to RB Edwin Baker.

10:58am: (Numbers 0/2 with 1 handoff)

-        Play #1 – Hands off to RB Terrance West

-        Play #2 – Johnny rolls out right and side arms an incomplete throw off his back foot

-        Play #3 – Under pressure (as he and Hoyer were for most of the day), Johnny one hops a pass in front of his target.


11:03am: 7 on 7 Drill (Numbers 2/4)

-        Play #1 – Incomplete pass intended for WR Jonathan Krause

-        Play #2 – Check down completion to RB Terrance West

-        Play #3 – Completion underneath to WR Willie Snead

-        Play #4 – Incomplete pass intended for RB Edwin Baker

11:09am: 7 on 7 Drill (Numbers 1/2)

-        Play #1 – Incomplete pass into double coverage

-        Play #2 – Completion across the middle to WR Willie Snead

11:25am: 11 on 11 Drill (Numbers 2/4)

-        Play #1 – Johnny rolls right and completes a side arm throw to WR Jonathan Krause

-        Play #2 – Manziel is under pressure and over throws RB Isiah Crowell

-        Play #3 – Completion to WR Willie Snead

-        Play #4 – Manziel’s throw is over-thrown and almost picked off

11:34am: 11 on 11 Drill (Numbers 1/3)

-        Play #1 – Johnny with a terrible incomplete pass that was behind WR Andrew Hawkins who wasn’t even looking for the ball.

-        Play #2 – WR Miles Austin drops a good throw from Manziel over the middle

-        Play #3 – After a bad snap, Manziel picks up the ball and completes a pass to Miles Austin

11:41am: 11 on 11 Drill (Numbers 1/2 with 2 handoffs)

-        Play #1 – Handoff to RB Edwin Baker

-        Play #2 – Handoff to RB Dion Lewis

-        Play #3 – Offsides on the offense; reset

-        Play #4 – Completion to WR Andrew Hawkins

-        Play #5 – Completion to WR Willie Snead

11:49am: 11 on 11 Drill (Numbers 1/2 with 1 handoff)

-        Play #1 – Completion to WR Taylor Gabriel

-        Play #2 – Handoff to RB Dion Lewis

-        Play #3 – Incomplete pass to WR Willie Snead that ends Johnny’s day



1.     After the team breaks their end-of-practice huddle, Johnny gets together with the second team offensive line on one side of the practice field while Hoyer gets with the first team on the other side of the field. Both QB’s go through their snap counts and make sure everyone know when to move. They each go 50 yards doing this numerous times until everyone is on the same page.

2.     It’s autograph time! If you were lucky enough today to be in the west side stands, Johnny came over and signed autographs for about 10 minutes today. As he left the autograph signing, he signed a mini football and threw it up into the collection of fans for one lucky winner.




Nate Burleson checks in with ESPN Cleveland, Insagrams it

Jul 27, 2014 -- 1:00pm

By Mike Goldstein |


BEREA -- The Browns are keeping a close watch on the receiver position during Training Camp with an eye on potentially replacing starter and 2013 record-setter Josh Gordon, who is still facing a potential season-long suspension for 2014.

Nate Burleson, a long-tenured NFL veteran, is one of a group expected to see time filling the void.

On Sunday, Burleson stopped by the ESPN Cleveland mobile studios to hang out with Munch Bishop and offered up some notes on the first few days of camp.




Where's Johnny: Day One

Jul 26, 2014 -- 9:00pm

By Jason Gibbs |



9:22 am: The one they call Johnny Football steps on the field for the first time in training camp. He’s the last QB on the field and he jogs on the field with his helmet on.

9:48 am: After stretching, it’s time for QB/RB drills. Johnny’s first play is a handoff to Terrance West. His first throw is on a play-action rollout.

9:57 am: The wide receivers join the two positions for receiving drills.

10:0 3am: The QB’s throw to RB’s, WR’s and TE’s as they work from under center and in the pistol.

10:24 am: Time to see what this QB competition is all about. It’s 11 on 11 time!!! Here’s a breakdown of what Johnny did:

10:29 am: (Numbers – 0/1 with three handoffs)

  • Play #1 – Handoff to Dion Lewis
  • Play #2 – Shrugs off the defensive pressure and throws an incomplete pass to Charles Johnson
  • Play #3 – Hands the ball off to Ben Tate
  • Play #4 – Hands the ball off to Chris Ogbonnaya

10:35 am: (Numbers – 1/1 with one handoff)

  • Play #1 – A really nice pass to Miles Austin along the left sideline
  • Play #2 – Handoff to Edwin Baker

10:49 am: (2/2 with two handoffs)

  • Play #1 – Hands the ball off to Dion Lewis
  • Play #2 – Completed pass to FB Ray Agnew in the right flat
  • Play #3 – Manziel shows great composure in the pocket and hits Andrew Hawkins on a down and in route
  • Play #4 - Hands the ball off to Chris Ogbonnaya

10:57 am: (0/1 with one handoff and one run)

  • Play #1 – Flushed out of the pocket and forced to run out of bounds
  • Play #2 – Play action with Johnny’s pass getting knocked down at the line of scrimmage

11:07 am: (2/2 passing)

  • Play #1 - Deep pass a bit under-thrown but a nice comeback catch from Taylor Gabriel
  • Play #2 - Completes a pass underneath to WR Charles Johnson

11:23 am: (1/3 passing and one run)

  • Play #1 – Johnny is in the pistol and is flushed out of the pocket and forced to run
  • Play #2 – Pass complete to Andrew Hawkins
  • Play #3 – Manziel’s pass is almost intercepted by Robert Nelson, intended for James Oboh
  • Play #4 – Manziel throws into coverage and the pass falls incomplete

11:36 am: (3/3 passing)

  • Play #1 – A nice play action pass to Josh Gordon
  • Play #2 – Manziel is flushed out of the pocket, yet is able to throw across his body and complete the pass to TE Emmanuel Ogbuehi
  • Play #3 – Manziel checks down to TE Jim Dray

Manziel’s UNOFFICIAL passing numbers 9/13 passing


On the first day of training camp:

“It felt like Day 1. It was really good I think. We ran the ball really well; better than we did in OTAs. That’s nice. We’re getting great push. I think our offensive line is doing a really good job. It was really good, got better as the day went on. I think we’re getting better.”

On what his biggest challenge is right now:

“We’re going to be going quick, Day 1 install, Day 2, Day 3. We’re going to keep going on. To really try and lock down these days one day at a time, I really feel like I have a great grasp on that install, go to the next install. Get a grasp of that, and on and on and on until we get our entire playbook in. Then from there, go back over, review, really just feel comfortable with everything. That’s what I have to do. The plays that I feel comfortable with, I know I can go out and execute better. That just takes time. That takes reps. That takes going over it time and time again. Really it just takes time.”

On how he and the offense got better at practice:

“I know for me, personally, came out a little slow, just bouncing around a little bit. Then, as we got into some team periods, started moving the ball a little bit the offense started to pick up. It was good to see. We started throwing the ball down the field a little more. I know our first team period was a lot more just rollouts, some runs. As the scripts went on, as our team periods went on and our situations, it just picked up. We started throwing the ball down the field, and people started to liven up, which was nice.”

On Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam saying he hopes Manziel can learn from LeBron James and Derek Jeter:

“Those are two of the greatest athletes to play their respective sports in this country. I’m sure they all made their mistakes at 21 years old, 20 years old, when they first came into the league. What I take away from that is you learn from the best and you learn how those guys have carried themselves, which is extremely well on and off the court. I think I absolutely agree with Mr. Haslam that I can learn from guys like that.”

On what lessons he has to learn:

“Here’s the thing that I want to say. The reason that I’m popular or the reason that people follow me and there’s been such a buzz around me is when I went out on Saturdays at Texas A&M, I played with an extreme amount of passion and I played with my heart on my sleeve, but more than anything, I had fun. I have fun playing this game. I have fun going out on this field playing football. It’s what I live for. It’s what I do, same way off the field. Whether I’m playing golf, going out having nightlife, whatever it is, I have a lot of fun. That’s what my life is, and luckily for me I’m living out my dream of playing in the NFL having a ton of fun. My dream has come true, and I finally got some time to get some downtime and celebrate that with my family, with my friends. This is the greatest life that I could have ever imagined for me, and I’m loving that. Will I continue to get better being a professional and learn lessons about life? Of course, I’m 21 years old. Age is not an excuse, but I need to mature and I have done some immature things. Moving forward, I’m going to try and mature and get better and handle myself better as a professional. That’s really all I can say about that. My life is incredible. I’m blessed to be in this position. I’m going to have fun each and every day, whether it’s practice, whether it’s training camp, whether it’s during the season going out and playing a game which will be even better, or it’s going out in the offseason or playing golf or hanging out with my family. Life is fun. Enjoy while it’s here.”




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