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I Think...

Jul 23, 2014 -- 2:55pm

By ESPN Clevealnd Staff |



I really do like NFL training camp. I just can't wait until every fan analyzes every throw that Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel make and then call us with a scouting report and who should start.

I really think this is one of the more talented Browns teams since coming back in 1999.

I also love the fact that an 8-8 season for most Browns fans will be like winning the Super Bowl

Josh Gordon is going to be most likely suspended for a year. And yes, there are a lot fans ready to welcome him back at some point. So what makes anyone think this guy will ever come back and stay clean and out of trouble?

I like Mike Pettine and I believe he will succeed. Yet there are some who think he will last just a couple of seasons. If that happens this franchise really is doomed.

May the best man win the starting quarterback spot. I do think it will be Hoyer. Why some of you are rooting for one over the other boggles the mind. What don’t you get about the best one winning the job and supporting that?

I think Johnny has a lot to learn and is about to get a reality check. Why do some of you think he's already the second coming?

LeBron is back and the Cavs are legitimate again. It was the only way this franchise had any chance to win anything. Now go and win something! No excuses.

I think Kevin Love is a real good player. With him it makes the team even better. Speaking of the second coming, I got news for you. He is not. He had better not get hurt and he had better learn to play some defense.

No one. I mean no one has said a bad thing about new Cavs coach David Blatt. But I know this. He has never coached in this country, let alone the NBA. I want to see him coach when the bullets start to fly.

The Cavs sold out their season tickets. LeBron’s jersey sold out at the NBA store. Johnny's jersey is the number one seller. Clevelanders do have money and do spend it. So Tribe fans, stop whining when you have to pay 20 or 30 bucks for a ticket. You really sound dumb.

Speaking of the Tribe, as frustrating and inconsistent as they are, they are in the hunt for a playoff spot.

I'll say it here first. The Indians will make the post season again. Don't ask me how. They just will...I think.




LeBron Returns, YouTube Wins

Jul 17, 2014 -- 3:08pm

By Mike Goldstein |


Thank you, Internet.

When LeBron James dumps one team for another, it brings out YouTube's finest. Below are some of the best videographic works illustrating LeBron's exit from Miami and return to Cleveland.






ESPN Cleveland's Karmazin buys stake in NBA's Bucks

Jul 17, 2014 -- 12:24pm

By ESPN Cleveland Staff |


Photo/Good Karma Brands

ESPN Cleveland’s ownership has bought into the NBA.

Craig Karmazin, founder and CEO of Good Karma Brands' ESPN Cleveland, announced that he is part of the Milwaukee Bucks' new local ownership group. In addition to ESPN Cleveland, Good Karma Brands also owns and operates ESPN Milwaukee and

To learn more about Good Karma Brands, go to




Behind the scenes with Beanie Wells

Jul 15, 2014 -- 6:03pm

By ESPN Cleveland Staff |


CLEVELAND -- Beanie Wells has made his way from high school in Akron to the national spotlight and now, for at least a few months, he has returned home to Ohio.

Sound familiar?

As LeBron James returns home to Northeast Ohio, Beanie Wells remembers what it was like the first time he saw LeBron in action. Check out this behind the scenes video of Beanie hanging out with Aaron Goldhammer and Eric Williams while they prepare for Tuesday night's edition of "Hey Tony!"



What We Know

Jul 10, 2014 -- 4:11pm

By Greg Brinda |



We do know that with LeBron Cleveland has a lot more basketball fans.

We know that groveling and begging an athlete to come back is pathetic.

We know most of the stories written about LeBron since last week are false.

We know that with LeBron wearing a Cavs uniform the team is an instant contender.

We also know that without him the team has almost no chance at all of ever winning anything.

We know that with or without LeBron the Cavs roster is going to be very different next season.

We know that we still don't know what is really wrong with Justin Masterson.

We know that if the Tribe continues to play the way they've played the first three months of the season there will be no post season in 2014.

We know that Michael Bourn has joined the ranks of Kyrie and Andy that staying healthy is not an option.

We know Nick Swisher has been the biggest 15 million dollar disappointment in the history of 15 million dollar disappointments.

We know the Indians defense can't be any worse because it is the worst.

We know that Johnny Football is asking for trouble.

We know Johnny Football had better be great or the wrath of the fans and media will be crushing.

We know Johnny Football had better get the respect of his teammates or he's going to have a very long and lonely season.

We know Brian Hoyer is going to make Johnny Football earn every one of his snaps.

We know Josh Gordon has problems he and only he can solve.

We know Josh Gordon is so far away from wearing a Browns uniform seeing him in one in the near future is not even real.

We know that for the first time in a long time the Browns are really headed in the right direction.




Many Questions... Not Many Answers

Jun 19, 2014 -- 7:23am

By Greg Brinda |



We are a few days away from the NBA Draft and no one has any idea who the Cavs will pick. Or for that matter if they will keep the number one pick. And we don't even know who the next Cavs coach will be. It boils down to unproven or retread coach and you know the names.

What will LeBron do? As you know there are rumors that he wants to come back here. That's because there's always someone's uncle brother’s girlfriend who heard from a third party from James'people that he's thinking about it.

Will James have another decision TV show?

And who will host it and what channel will it be on?

Will Dan Gilbert ever show his face again?

Will Gilbert ever write another letter?

And if James says again he's not taking his talents to Cleveland, will we ever be over it?

What will Johnny do this weekend?

What will Johnny do next weekend?

What will Johnny do any weekend?

With all that cash Johnny has now will he make a paper mâché of a swan with it?

When will Brady Quinn shut up?

Why is even Quinn a commentator on anything?

Will Josh Gordon get the max suspension or will he and the Browns get a break.

Will Gordon ever stop liking weed?

Who will be the first Brown to get hurt in training camp? You know it's going to happen. It happens every year with every team.

Will the Browns be able to handle the circus during training camp?

Will a preseason game be a sell out?

Will the Browns new video boards give everyone a tingle?

Will there be a Johnny question every day for the rest of our lives?

Will Tiger play again this season? I had to throw a golf question in.

Will the Indians break the team's all time error record?

How many errors will Asdrubal commit this season?

Will this roller coaster season continue?

Will Masterson ever find himself this year and will he be gone by the trading dead line?

Will the Indians be buyers or sellers?

Will Swisher or Santana hit below the Mendoza line when the season is over?

Will Swisher or Santana establish their own line?

And finally, how many hot dogs will I eat this summer?




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