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Attitude Being Called Into Question on New Indians Pitcher Trevor Bauer

Dec 13, 2012 -- 5:48am

By: T.J. Zuppe

Not many have questioned the talent level of new 21-year old Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer. The words "elite", "top-of-the-rotation" and "stud" are often used to describe Bauer's skill-set.

And as Indians pitcher Chris Perez said last year, "talent plays at any level."

However, his maturity, or lack thereof has been taking a hit.

The latest to shed some light on what some think is a red flag was Bob Nightengale of USA Today.

In his latest piece, Nightengale writes about some of the issues that plagued Bauer last season, including what is perceived to be a hard-headed nature when it comes to his pregame pitching routines or in-game relationship with his catcher.

Indians general manager Chris Antonetti has already stated they do not intend to change Bauer's routine and will strive to find the right balance for him.

Nightengale also described how Bauer rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way during his call-up - something that led to him apologizing to them over the winter and not receiving a call-up in September with Arizona.

I know right? a 21-year old who believes he knows it all? A real shocker.

I know I was willing to listen to every piece of advice I got at age 21. I certainly did not have a bad attitude.


Sure, maturity may be an issue. And it is an important issue. That is where good coaching comes into play.

That is why the Indians went out and landed Terry Francona as their new manager.

There is risk in any young player. Elements of their personality may concern. But it is up to the coaches in place to ensure they reach every player and get the most out of their talent.

It will also be up to Bauer to take that next step - and most importantly - want to listen. Maybe this trade serves as his wake up call.

No two players are the same. Some take different tactics for it to click. A good skipper knows how to manage between the lines. A great one knows how to manage personalities - and what methods to use to get his players to buy in.

As for players? You simply take a look at the talent, weigh the risk and make a call.

For a hurler like Bauer, you will take that chance - take advantage - and remain confident in those who responsibility it is to help him make the final step - in professional development and attitude.


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