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Eyes on Berea: Friday Walk-through

Dec 07, 2012 -- 2:28pm

By: Will Burge

Got beef? – When the Browns take on the Chiefs on Sunday there will be bad history all over the field. Everyone knows about the Joe Thomas vs Peyton Hillis spat that jumped off this week, but there is much more bad blood between these teams. Here is a list of the players and coaches who have crossed paths.

1.       Two seasons ago, Shaun Smith put the vice grip on a very sensitive part of Alex Mack’s anatomy. Mack complained that Smith grabbed and squeezed his genitalia at the bottom of a pile. Smith joined Andre Knott and Mary Kay Cabot on SportsTime Ohio last night and when asked about the incident he replied, “I think I will get a sack.”

2.       Former Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll was a subject in Colt McCoy’s book, “Growing Up Colt”. McCoy accused Daboll of berating him with profanities in his headset during games. Daboll was also the punching bag for a failed offense by many fans. He will be returning to Cleveland and I wouldn’t expect any hugs for McCoy or waves to the fans in the crowd.

3.       The starting quarterback for the Chiefs is the former first round pick of the Browns, Brady Quinn. When he and Joe Thomas were drafted in the first round, many fans and media were touting them as the saviors of the franchise. Just five short seasons later, Thomas is a perennial All-Pro while Quinn is a fledgling quarterback who many fans still carry a grudge against for his contract hold-out during his rookie year. Quinn would like nothing more than to shove a victory right down the fans throat.

4.       It is very tough to find anyone who will say a bad word about Romeo Crennel, but it wouldn’t be too farfetched to think that Crennel might hold a grudge against the Browns. Just one season after winning 10 games and narrowly missing the playoffs, Crennel was fired after a season filled with injuries and only four wins. I would think he will want to prove to the Browns that they made a mistake by firing him.

5.       Cornerback Dimitri Patterson will be back from injury this week and who else will he face but his former team the Chiefs. Patterson played for KC in 2007 and 2008 but never started a game. After the Chiefs waived him he eventually caught on with the Eagles which led to him signing with the Browns. Patterson is already a fiery guy but he should be extra motivated against a team that cut him four years ago.

All eyes will be on Thomas and Hillis before the game Sunday but the familiarity between the cast on both teams should provide some high drama throughout.

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