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High Stakes Scene - The Virus takes Vinh Ho for a quick 50K

May 26, 2012 -- 2:47pm

Dan Harkenrider

The game features two regional ballers.  Steve "the virus" Saris from Canton and Vinh Ho from Cincinnati.  Orange chips are beautiful.  They were in action early and often in this match.  The blinds were 25/50 and off they went at 7 pm.  The game finished at 2 am and The Virus prevailed.  When asked about the match Virus had this to say: "let me tell you something, Vinh can play some PLO".  Rumours abound of bigger and badder action on the way for Mr. The Virus.  

Saris is a high stakes PLO player who plays in some noteworthy games during the WSOP.  He is playing the heads up event and a couple of PLO tournaments.  in the past, Saris challenged the entire city of Pittsburgh to play him heads up for 50K and got no takers.  He is a character for sure.

My general sense in talking to the Virus was that he really was more concerned that he was going to have a bad day due to lack of sleep than the 50K he had just extracted from Vinh.  And that my friends is the world of high Stakes Poker.  

Best of Luck out there.

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