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Windhorst With RBS

Feb 06, 2013 -- 7:26am


By Kenny Roda’s Brian Windhorst was on the Really Big Show Tuesday talking about Kyrie, LeBron and more. Here’s some of what was said in that interview:

Why does it look like Erik Spoelstra will start Chris Bosh over Kyrie Irving in the All Star game?

"Actually I think it’s a really good sign for Kyrie there’s some backlash already starting over it, not just in Cleveland, but elsewhere.  I think the bigger thing over who starts is how much does Kyrie play, because the starters in the ALL Star game are the guys who get to play the most and that’s what the fans want to see."

Is Kyrie one of the ten best players, right now in the NBA?

"Right now he’s the best point guard in the East because Derrick Rose is hurt. I think you may want to have Rondo in a playoff series, but Kyrie is a more dynamic player."

What is Byron Scott’s status with the Cavaliers right now?

"I think the talent he’s been given overall; you can’t really look much at the record. He’s willing to take losses.  One thing I’ll tip my cap to Byron on is that he’s been willing to play young players, so they can take a look at these guys and he’s played them and he hasn’t complained."

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