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41 Down, 41 To Go

Jan 17, 2013 -- 4:23pm


By Kenny Roda

The Cavaliers are at the halfway point of the NBA season and they have the third worst record in the league at 10-31. That projects to about 20 wins for the year.

But with an easier schedule, more home games than road games, and fewer back-to-back games in the second half of the season, I expect that total to be more like 25 to 28 victories.

Having said that, you are what your record says you are and the Cavs are about the third worst team in the league, especially with Anderson Varejao out until at least late February.

Because of the knee injury to Varejao, GM Chris Grant more than likely won’t be able to trade the “Wild Thing”. So all the excitement we were hoping for leading up to the February 21st trading deadline has all but vanished.

Instead we’ll be talking about how many ping pong balls the Cavs will have in the hopper again and who they could be targeting with their top 5 lottery pick.

The way I’m looking at the second half is to hit the reset button. The Cavs are 0-0 again and let's see what type of record they compile in the final 41 games.

I’ll also be watching for the continued growth of Kyrie Irving (especially on defense), Tristan Thompson (on offense), Tyler Zeller (on offense and rebounding) and Dion Waiters (on shooting and shot selection) as all four will get serious minutes and gain valuable experience for the future.

I’ll also be expecting more from head coach Byron Scott, as he needs to get through to all of the players about the importance of defense and toughness. This is a soft, weak team physically and they don’t like to play defense or just won’t. That has to get better and that’s on Coach Scott to make sure there’s improvement in those areas.

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