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Feb 15, 2013 -- 8:32pm


By Aaron Goldhammer

MLB Network analyst Kevin Millar joined "The Really Big Show" with Tony Rizzo on Friday morning to discuss his impressions of the Indians and their recent free agent acquisitions 

On Struggling Indians Pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez

This is a guy that drives me up a wall. I'd have to grab him and choke him out and say "Ubaldo: This is the show! Attack the hitters. Attack the strike zone." We all remember in 2010 when he was 15-1 at the all-star break in Anaheim. This guy was like the greatest pitcher I have ever seen. Since then...he's lost his confidence somewhere. 

On What Jimenez Needs to do to Get His Career on Track

At some point, this guy has to look in the mirror when brushing his teeth and look up and say, "Let's do it. This is the year. I'm a bad man." He's gotta take the mindset that he's a bad man. He can't listen to everyone any more. 

On Indians Manager Terry Francona

The one thing about Tito is that he is a very personable guy. Players like him. Fans will like him. The media will like him. He gets it. Tito will get the most out of his players and that is what a manger's job is to do. 

On Cleveland's Recent Spending Spree

The Indians are starting to figure out that you have to go out and spend some money if you are going to try to compete, be good, and find some good players. They have done a good job with that. Obviously, the two big signings are Bourn and Swisher. 

On Indians 1B Nick Swisher

He's the player's version of Tito. You are going to love Nick Swisher by the time he's done...He's got a tremendous personality. He can hit 20 plus home runs. He's a switch hitter. He plays a lot of positions and gives flexibility. I think Nick Swisher is a guy that you need on a baseball team to win. He's a winning-type player.

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