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Winning the Bourn Sweepstakes

Feb 12, 2013 -- 6:45pm


Numerous reports say that the Cleveland Indians have reached a contract agreement with free agent OF Michael Bourn. ESPN's Buster Olney joined "The Really Big Show" with Tony Rizzo to talk about Bourn's signing on Tuesday. 

On How the Indians Ended Up Winning the Bourn Sweepstakes

Before they signed Swisher, Scott Boras, who was the agent for Michael Bourn, actually tried to convince the Indians to essentially give Michael Bourn Swisher's contract. He called them time and time again trying to get them to change that. They held course and there was no thought at that point in time that he would still be out there. But as he lingered in the market, he didn't have a deal, and his price was dropping, that put the Indians in play. 

On Bourn's Biggest Strength

He's an excellent defensive center fielder. If they keep Stubbs in right field and move Swisher to first base, how much will an outfield of Stubbs and Bourn and Michael Brantley help that pitching staff in terms of cutting off runs in the outfield?

On Bourn's Character

You cannot find a better person in baseball than Michael Bourn. He'll be great in that clubhouse. He's a tremendous person. 

On Why Bourn Lasted So Long on the Open Market

His agent Scott Boras just shot too high. One of the other GM's told me that the initial asking price for Bourn was about seven years and 126 million dollars. That's 18 million dollars a year. That took the Atlanta Braves out of play right away...When you're talking about a nine-figure asking price right away, I think that chased off a lot of people initially.

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