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Eyes on Berea: Friday Walk-through

Nov 23, 2012 -- 2:44pm

Haden's back – After missing the loss to Dallas last week with an oblique injury, Joe Haden has practiced all week long and told Tom Reed of the Plain Dealer, “Yep, ready to go” when asked if he will play Sunday. He said that he is not limited in any movement and is about 90% healthy.

This will be a huge boost. Especially against the Steelers’ 12th ranked passing offense. That ranking may or may not hold true this week as they will play their 3rd string quarterback, Charlie Batch.

In Batch’s last four starts, he has completed 55 of 91 passes for 5 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. There will be opportunities for the Browns to turn passes into points and Haden being on the field helps the cause.

White flag-gate continues- There has been significant blow back from the Browns latest marketing ploy. Fans, local media, national writers, and even comedians have had a field day with the 2-8 Browns handing out “white flags” to their fans against their rivals at home. On Friday, a few of the Browns veterans addressed the most unaggressive giveaway in the history of football.

“I try to focus on the Steelers but I’m not a fan of the white flags,” said D’Qwell Jackson. “That’s the simplest way I can put it. I’m not a fan of it whatsoever knowing that we’ll see the terrible towels flying and it’s just not a message I like and I’m sure other guys don’t approve of.”

“I think I’m going to let D’Qwell speak for all of us,” said Phil Dawson. “When your mom told you growing up if you don’t have anything good to say, probably better not to say it, I think I am going to follow those words.”

It is unbelievable that everyone everywhere thinks the promotion is a terrible idea, except for the Browns themselves. So how does this happen? Maybe another story about the Browns’ marketing department can help paint the picture.

A source inside the Browns organization told me about an equally baffling story from the beginning of this season. The team’s opening game at home against the Eagles this preseason did not have game day programs. That would be bad enough by itself, but the reason there were no programs is even worse.

The Browns marketing department is in charge of the editing and printing of the game day programs. My source told me that just hours before kickoff, someone in the communications department noticed that on the main roster centerfold, the first page everyone opens to in the program, the head coach’s name was spelled “Pat Schurmur”. Yes, the head coaches name was spelled wrong.

As the team was scrambling to figure out an easy fix, the marketing department had a brilliant idea. They decided they would add a separate one page insert with a corrected roster. At the top of that insert, in bold letters it said, “Please disregard the misspelling of Pat Shurmur’s name on the original roster”.

You can’t make this stuff up folks. The marketing department misspelled the most important person on the roster’s name and then to cover it up drew more attention to the mistake.

My source did give kudos to the communications department who pushed hard and finally got all programs pulled from the game before fans arrived. If you somehow got a hold of one of those, it might be worth some money someday.

If there is one positive to that story, it's that it is never too late to pull a mistake. Let's hope Haslam (or anybody for that matter) pulls the plug on this one too.

Browns giving back on Sunday – The Browns got something right when planning the gameday festivities on Sunday. There will be collection points at all gates of Cleveland Browns Stadium starting at 11am for their annual Food Drive gameday.

Fans can bring non-perishable canned food items which will be donated to the Cleveland Foodbank. Even if you are not attending the game, you can still drop off food to help out families in need during the holiday season.


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