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Eyes on Berea: 11-21-12

Nov 21, 2012 -- 3:59pm

By: Will Burge

Never surrender, never give up – One of the points that both Jimmy Haslam III and Joe Banner will try to improve in the Browns’ organization is marketing. This might be a bigger job than they expected.

The crack staff in the marketing department decided that the Browns home game against the Steelers would be a perfect time to unveil a new fan giveaway: White flags.

Yes, that’s right. White flags. As in, “I surrender.” Who could have possibly approved this?

Already fans are rebelling and cracking jokes on twitter.  has picked up the story and Jay Leno cannot be far behind.

When your team is 2-8, and you are trying to reverse a culture of losing, I don’t think handing out white flags is the right approach. Unfortunately, it falls right in line with the last 13 years in Berea.

A hit on Ward’s pocketTJ Ward said today that he was fined $25,000 for his hit on Kevin Ogletree last Sunday. Ward maintains his innocence, will appeal, and still does not understand exactly why he was fined.

Ward went on to talk about how the rules are unfair and lean towards the offense. He would not say that it is ruining the game but he did say that something should be changed to even them back out.

With Ed Reed, the poster boy for clean play at the safety position getting a one game suspension (which has since been removed) you know that thing are only going to get harder for defensive players.

The rivalry is alive – Even though the Browns have not won very often against the Steelers, they still feel as though this is a rivalry game. Even Pat Shurmur, who rarely ever departs from his “every game is equally important” mantra, said that there is more emotion with this match-up. He also talked about how important it is for the rookies who have not experienced it to understand.

Greg Little went as far as saying it is the best rivalry in the NFL.

“I think just living amongst the fans and being in the community, it’s that type of vibe and that type of atmosphere that you get from it,” said Little.


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