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Other Options?

Feb 25, 2013 -- 8:26am

By Will Burge



ESPN’s Chris Mortensen joined Vic Carucci, host of Cleveland Browns Daily, and discussed Brandon Weeden, Browns’ trade options, and the draft.

What are Brandon Weeden’s chances of staying as the Browns starting quarterback?

“I think Weeden’s chances of remaining the starter improved when Rob Chudzinski was hired and Norv Turner came on board. Because Weeden’s skill set fits what they like to do. It’s no secret that they want some kind of competition there for Brandon. This is the type of draft where maybe it’s in the fourth or fifth round you find somebody that is as good as the guys who are going in the second or first round.”

Are there any other options for a QB competition besides Alex Smith and the draft?

“When I see Norv Turner offenses and Chudzinski offenses I see guys who have big arms. Therefore, I don’t see that in Matt Flynn or Alex Smith. That’s why the name Ryan Mallet has come up. What happens if, let’s just say that Matt Cassel ends up back in New England, all of a sudden does Mallett become available? I know Mike Lombardi and he, like me, thought Mallett was the best prospect in that draft, but what would it take to get him?”

What kind of value is in this QB draft class?

“There is not the box office attractions like an Andrew Luck or a Robert Griffin III. It’s more like the Brandon Weeden class only the guys are younger. In terms of, ok we’re not sure is he a second rounder or is he a late first rounder. Whether its Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson of Arkansas, I don’t think Matt Barkley is a fit, certainly not in Cleveland by the way. You don’t want that type of guy in a place where you have to play in inclement weather in this division especially. The big strong armed guy, that’s not Matt Barkley.”

“Is Mike Glennon going to be somebody? There’s some sleepers out there like a Sean Renfree of Duke who tore his right pec muscle on the last play of his collegiate bowl game. He’s a guy that David Cutcliffe has told me, the Duke coach who was Payton Manning’s offensive coordinator at Tennessee and Eli (Manning’s) head coach at Ole Miss, who said this guy is cut from the same cloth as Peyton and Eli. Now he doesn’t have a big arm either but he’s a big guy and he can move around a little bit.”

“Tyler Bray is a big armed guy, but he’s got a personality that is going to turn a lot of teams off. But he’s a big strong armed guy but, but there is a reason he was sporadic at Tennessee where he had great receivers. That’s the type of guy, is he going to be sitting there in the 5th or 6th round and you say ‘what the heck’ you know.”

What other value is in the draft?

“This draft is a good draft. It’s certainly deep on the defensive line, there are linebackers, I heard Phil Emery, the General Manager of the Chicago Bears, say there are six safeties they have got as projected starters. There is offensive lineman, there are tight ends.”

“They need Josh Gordon to really become a player this year because it’s got to hurt not having a second round pick. Because chances are you can get a Pro-Bowl tight end in the second round this year, but you might be able to get one in the third round too.”

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