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A Tight Group

Feb 20, 2013 -- 6:04pm


By Dave DeNatale

While the Browns front office and coaching staff prepare for the upcoming NFL Combine, guard Jason Pinkston is just happy to be alive.  Last October, Pinkston suffered a season-ending blood clot in his lung.  Four months later, Pinkston is well on his road to recovery and called into Cleveland Sports Night to talk about his rehab as well as all of the changes going on in Berea.

So the obvious question to lead off, how are you feeling?

"I feel pretty good.  I'm back to working out, lifting and running.  It feels good to be back."

Being down for so long, was there significant weight loss and strength loss that you had to build back up?

"Definitely there was strength loss from not doing anything for a long time, but I didn't lose too much.   I'm just up there trying to work out and run and sweat.  We have a long time before we start actually playing football again."

How scared were you as this was going on?  

"It was pretty scary, I got sick with pneumonia and a little bit of bronchitis and I was on antibiotics and still wasn't getting better.  The trainers took me to the hospital to get a CT-scan and that's when they discovered the clot.  They say it started in my leg and broke up and went into my lungs.  I was in the hospital for a week and a half and got put on heparin first and then coumadin."

Are you hopeful that you'll be 100 percent and ready to go by the time training camp rolls around?

"Very hopeful.  The doctors say things are looking very good for me.  In the next couple of months we'll figure it out when it comes closer to time (training camp).  I've got time to get myself back into shape and do things full speed."

On playing between Joe Thomas and Alex Mack on the offensive line.

"It's great because they're both pro bowlers.  Anything I needed help with, they were right there for me.  I give them a lot of credit for helping me.  It's tough coming from college into the NFL and starting and not have a training camp.  Learning the playbook in like four weeks.  It's tough."

Have you had any initial conversations with the new regime and is it difficult not knowing how things will proceed?

"No, it's football and it's a business.  Every year when you come into training camp you're going to have to prove that you still can play and help the team.  I haven't really sat down and talked to them (new regime) about starting and playing.  The only thing we've talked about is getting back healthy and working out.  That's the most important thing.  We'll see how things go at training camp.  It's pretty exciting.  We're still all a team and I'm excited for who's coming back.  It's been a tight group on the offensive line and we'll continue just to work and get better."

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