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Chud Wants Chatter

Feb 13, 2013 -- 7:38am


By Bruce Hooley

Browns coach Rob Chudzinski doesn’t want a bunch of yes men to affirm his every whim in his first season. That much is clear after Chud visited with Vic Carucci on Cleveland Browns Daily, heard 6-7 p.m. Monday-Friday on ESPN 850 WKNR.

Chudzinski completed his coaching staff last week and likes the fact he has some younger assitants, some older assistants, some with a vast NFL resume and others coaching for the first time in the professional ranks.

Q: It must be a sense of relief and accomplishment that you now have all the pieces of your staff in place.

A: “It’s one of the biggest things I wanted to get done early. It’s such an important piece to get done correctly, as well. I took my time with it. I feel like we’ve put together a great staff. We’re excited to get going.”

Q: What were you looking for in the assistants you hired?

A: I wanted to get good teachers, to get the best people I could who would fit the philosophy going forward that we want to have. I wanted to get a diverse group. I feel like we were able to do that, a group that’s had some different experiences….I think it’s a real good mix that will bring a lot of ideas to the table.”

Q: So you hope to get some different perspectives on things?

A: “You want that. You don’t want a lot of people in the room who just nod, their heads and never have an opinion on things. Getting these kinds of people who have different experiences and are willing to share those is real valuable.”

Q: What are you and your staff doing now?

A: “One of the first things we’re doing right now is scheduling all of our off-season activities – Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the off-season program, the OTAs and minicamps we’re allowed to have. Our players can start April 1. Our players can start early being (that we’re) a new staff, so they can come for workouts on April 1.

“The other thing we’re working on is getting started on the playbook. That’s going on now, along with us really look at sitting down and looking at our own players and getting ready for free agency and the draft.”

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