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Kosar On Browns Daily

Feb 07, 2013 -- 7:25am

Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar joined Vic Carucci, the host of Cleveland Browns Daily, for a few segments to talk about the Ravens Super Bowl victory, Joe Flacco, and his upcoming contract negotiations.

On 49ers play calling during their final possession of the Super Bowl

“They were 0-7 passing in the red zone. With two weeks (before the Super Bowl), sometimes you have a little too much time and (they forget about ) that physical presence, that toughness, that core thing that San Francisco stands for. They probably had about eight new plays that they used, I don’t want to say it the wrong way, but you really want to throw up when you watch it. (Harbaugh) is going to have to live with that.”

How was Joe Flacco able to overcome an hour and a half layoff without the football because of the blackout?

“Thank god for youth. (Flacco is) not in his mid-thirties to where the arm would tighten up as much as it would for an older guy. He has a calm, cool demeanor anyways. You hear a lot of people say he is kind of a boring interview…I think that is a heck of an asset for a quarterback like that to definitely withstand disruption like he saw yesterday.”

On Joe Flacco’s upcoming contract negotiations and how he should handle it

“When I run into him, and I am going to make it a point to find him, one of the definite things I would love to tell him is yes he can get probably as much (money) as anybody right now. But it really comes at such a premium. As quarterbacks we are victims or beneficiaries of the guys around us. Baltimore, with Flacco not even being signed, is over the cap next year.”

“Yeah he can get as much as probably anybody can get. But it will come at a price of some of the guys around him, some of the weapons. He’s going to limit his own personal and team options and I think future success if he gets too much.”

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