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Thinking Out Loud

Dec 30, 2012 -- 9:16pm


By Kenny Roda

I missed by one game on predicting the Browns record back when the schedule first came out. I had them at 4-12.  They finished at 5-11. Translation, either way they still stunk! Take that Reghi!

Not sure if Brandon Weeden deserves the benefit of the doubt of being the Browns QB moving forward with the new coaching staff.  But I do believe he would make a very solid back up QB.

I do feel good about the Browns wide receiver position with the emergence of Josh Gordon and the development of Greg Little in the second half of the season. So long Mo Mass and Josh Cribbs.

The Browns O-Line needs two guards in the worst way. To me right tackle Mitchell Schwartz was the Browns Rookie of the Year.

Running back Trent Richardson is good. The question is, how good? The rookie #3 overall pick in the draft ran for 950 yards and added 367 yards receiving for a total of 1,317 yards on 318 touches and 12 TD’s. In 2010 Peyton Hillis ran for 1,177 yards and caught passes for 477 more yards for a total of 1,654 yards on 331 touches and 13 TD’s.  Just something to think about.

The Browns defense wasn’t as good as a lot of people made it out to be. The defensive line is solid, but other than Joe Haden, the rest of the defense stinks.

Phil Dawson was again awesome and should be kept by the Browns. But as far as Josh Cribbs and Reggie Hodges go, they can do just that, go somewhere else.

Whoever the next coach is, and I’m hoping it comes from a list of Jon Gruden, Nick Saban or Bruce Arians, that coach will have some talent to work with on offense. Except maybe at QB.

I’m sticking with my preseason Super Bowl prediction of Green Bay over New England. But watch out for the Broncos, especially if they get home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Early prediction for next season, subject to change of course once we find out who the G.M. , Head Coach and QB are: After looking at the Browns opponents for 2013 and their home and away schedule, I’ve got the Browns going 6-10.

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