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Browns AL uniform patch will disappear this season

Jul 01, 2013 -- 9:45am

By Tony Grossi |


Major changes to the Browns uniform won’t happen until the 2015 season after two years of market research and design study by the NFL and apparel-maker NIKE.

But a minor change is coming this year.

ESPN Cleveland has confirmed that the AL patch will no longer be worn on the Browns uniform jersey.

The AL patch was added after former owner Al Lerner died in October of 2002. The team continued to wear it throughout the Lerner ownership.

When Jimmy Haslam purchased the Browns from the Lerner family in August of 2012, he agreed to keep the patch through the 2012 season. Now it will come off.

In March, Haslam initiated the process with the NFL marketing department to have everything about the Browns uniform reviewed. He told ESPN Cleveland, “I will say there will be no change to the helmet. But we will look at everything else. We may change a lot. We may change a little.”

The NFL, through an independent market research firm, has conducted interviews with Browns fans in Cleveland and via telephone as part of that process. Removing the AL patch, however, was a decision made before Haslam entered the extensive process of researching a complete uniform change.

Haslam said to ESPN Cleveland that he hopes to introduce the Browns' new uniform look prior to the 2015 draft. He just doesn't know how extensive it will be.

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